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Here you can learn to make fun jewelry in just a few minutes. These videos follow the instructions from our beading instruction book The Language of Beads: a Beader’s Guidebook. So get ready to make an awesome pair of earrings during that morning coffee time! You can wear them to lunch!

Make a beaded bracelet …

How to put on any bracelet by yourself!

DIY Pumpkin Patch bracelet …

DIY leather Halloween charm bracelet tutorial

DIY Men’s stretchy bracelet with surgeons knot tutorial

Metal Stamping 101 with BEADholiday!

A Guide to Basic Classes at BEADholiday

Make an angel pendant using…


There is a lot to learn about beads and questions are common, so here are some answers to your burning bead questions

1. What is your return policy?

We accept returns for any unused products within 14 days of purchase. Items must be in unaltered and unopened condition.

2. Can I visit your store in person?

You certainly can! We’re located at 355 E Fort Lowell Rd, Tucson, AZ 85705

3. What are your retail store hours?

We are open Monday–Saturday from 11:00 am – 4:30 pm.
Closed on Sundays

We are closed the following holidays:
Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Easter

4. Is your online inventory the same as your inventory in-store?

We carry our most popular items on our website, however our in-store inventory includes a vast array of our more unique offerings and specialty items.

5. Do you offer quantity breaks?

We do, each product description includes the quantity discounts we offer.

6. Do you offer classes?

We do not offer classes at this time, however we do have a variety of video tutorials from simple earrings to elaborate multi-technique designs.

Check out our Learn section.

7. Is Swarovski going to stop bead production?

No, Swarovski is not stopping production.

8.  Are all strings created equal?

Quality of beading wire varies from brand to brand as well as strand count. Wire with a higher strand count is more flexible and silky, thus the generally higher price point. Wire with fewer strands is stiff and less luxurious. For more in depth information on stringing wire, checkout our beader’s guidebook The Language of Beads.

9. Are Fire Polish beads really polished by fire?

Yes, fire polish is polished with heat!

10. Are any of your products Made in the U.S.A.?

We carry many beads made of metal, glass, silver, seeds and wood that are made in the USA.

11. Which crimp tool is appropriate for my crimp tubes?

There are 3 sizes of crimp tools, each one made for a specific size of crimp tubes. The Micro Crimp Tool is used for crimping #0 and #1 crimp tubes. Standard crimping pliers are used on 2×2 mm crimp tubes which is the most common size crimp for the majority of beading projects. The Jumbo Crimp Tool is best for crimp tubes 3×3 mm and larger. These large crimps are ideal for leather and cord projects, as well as projects using very thick beading wire.

12. Is there any genuine Black Onyx?

Most Black Onyx is dyed agate.

13. Is Citrine just treated Amethyst?

Most yellow/orange Citrine is heated Amethyst.

14. How do I use Silver Dip to clean my jewelry?

Carefully drop your sterling silver jewelry into the strainer of the jar and submerge until tarnish fades away. Do not submerge gemstone or pearl pieces directly into solution, rather use a qtip to clean around them.

15. Is there a way to keep copper from turning green?

We sell an awesome coating for copper that is very durable (LINK), just be sure to use neutralizer or our ph neutral polish first (LINK)!

16. How do I take care of metal beads?

Unless your beads are gold filled or real gold, they will most likely tarnish over time. However, cleaning your base metal beads gently with a polishing cloth after each wear will help to prolong their shine. Sterling silver, gold filled, and solid gold beads can also be polished with a cloth regularly to reverse any dulling of the metal.

17. How do I take care of pearls and semi-precious stone beads?

Clean your pieces regularly and always store carefully. 

18. How do I know which wire gauge is appropriate for my project? 

Choose your wire based on the bead size and weight. Also take into consideration the size of the bead hole. If your project is weighty or if your beads have relatively larger holes always use a larger wire. If your beads are fairly tiny and/or lightweight, consider a finer wire.

19. How can I tell if a gemstone is natural, synthetic, or dyed?

Real gemstones will have flaws and inclusions, no two stones will be exactly alike. Whereas synthetic stones will appear more perfect. A telltale sign of a dyed stone is uneven color. Another indication of both synthetic and dyed stones is of course, price. If they are priced more affordably, they are more likely synthetic, dyed, or enhanced in some way.

20.  How fast do you ship?

We generally get orders out within 24 hours.

21.  Can I pick up my order in Tucson?

Yes, we are open daily for in-store pickup!